credit: Cleveland Business Connect/Doug Khrenovsky

What is Authentic Multicultural Entertainment?

And why is it important?
Authenticity in multicultural entertainment means that people who write about and perform a particularly culture have some substantial, earnest, and respectful connection to it. The greatest way to capture and demonstrate authenticity in multicultural entertainment is to hire—both behind and in front of the camera—talent steeped in the featured culture(s) at issue. At the root of authenticity is the writing—this is crucial. As important is a legitimate cultural connection for the actors and voiceover artists. Then, sourcing a project with executives, producers, directors, illustrators, and animators who commit to honoring the cultural and an appropriate writer’s vision, tone, and tenor to the greatest extent possible round out the rubric. These dynamics, as recommended, establishes honesty in multicultural entertainment. Cultural-integrity requires substantive and positive identification with the material that is being given expression by those manifesting the art and those consuming it. Of late, famous personalities and the Hollywood machine are being actively critiqued and taken to task for inauthentic and historically incorrect images and stories that are having (and have been for since the inception of radio, television, and film) a destructive impact on today’s ever-growing multicultural society.