As we enact our vision, every program in development at Three Butterflies is undergirded by a commitment to and creative expression of global citizenship, multiculturalism, arts, culture, and technology. Similarly, our art employs elements of “integrated social studies,” which includes history, geography, social studies, and anthropology in the most imaginative of ways.

Our goal is to produce and place our properties in distribution via traditional and digital media—domestically and within overseas markets—and to engage the marketplace via licensing and merchandising.

Three Butterflies Entertainment & Press, LLC is a company whose time has come. According to Insight Strategy Group, “Kids use media and technology to do the work of growing up.”

In today’s social and global contexts, the border-defying implications of the Internet and leading-edge technologies call for socially progressive children’s entertainment that prepares kids for appropriate social interaction taking into consideration global perspectives and suitable for global economies.

Rooted in our mission to foster cosmopolitanism (“the creation of global citizens”) and an appreciation for the educational objectives of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math), Three Butterflies was founded by the Reverend Dr. Leah C.K. Lewis, J.D. This venture comes to fruition after years of graduate studies in the field of theology, sociology, and cultural anthropology that carried her to Africa, South America, and Europe.

  • "Little Lumpy’s stories will spawn social connections that will take root across the globe. Children of today will relish this animated series. I highly recommend it."  
    Alvin F. Poussaint, MD
    Harvard Medical School
  • "The mission of Three Butterflies provides culturally competent programming produced by persons of diverse backgrounds."
    Tiffany G. Porter, Psy.D.
    Consulting Psychologist
  • "Little Lumpy’s  illustrations are fabulous. I read this book over and over again to my daughter starting at age two; at sixteen, she remembers the book fondly."
    Alvin F. Poussaint, MD
    Harvard Medical School